Frameworks : Make my task easier

Written on April 7, 2016

The next task that I was asked to complete was to read about the most famous full stack JavaScript frameworks that can be used to make the work simpler.

First of all, We must know who is a full stack developer.

–So, a full stack developer is someone that works both on the front-end(design) and the back end(working on the database).

Full satck in JavaScript can be done with the help of four technologies referred as MEAN.js

Which include

M - MongoDB - which can be used in the database management E - express - Back-end web framework (makes node.js’s work simpler) A - Angular - The front-end JavaScript framework N - Node.js - Server side scripting language.

Any framework that make use of this stack can be considered as a full stack js framework.

Read about the first JavaScript full stack framework by clicking here.


Ranvir Singh.